bServed's solution to the problem of improving clinical documentation

Healthcare is one of the industries with the most complex documentation and workflow systems. Therefore, in order for a healthcare organization to operate efficiently, increase its revenue and provide quality patient care, it is important to ensure a high level of clinical documentation preparation.

How to achieve this? One of the best solutions is to turn to specialists who can take care of the most complex and serious issues. A prime example is bServed, which has developed a unique Clinical Documentation Improvement program. Every willing client in the medical field can prepare to order service from a leading company to solve problems with documentation. This will reduce the burden from the staff, put all documentation in order and improve the quality of work of the whole organization.

3 main factors in the work of bServed program

bServed's dedicated suite of programs and solutions addresses the most key and important issues in serving healthcare clients. Clinical documentation improvement is built on 3 important factors.

  1. Document accuracy and completeness. The company's highly trained staff will work closely with the clinical staff. This will ensure that each medical record is filled with complete and necessary information. We will teach you how to avoid mistakes and troubleshoot problems so that you can easily handle even the most complex clinical documents in the future;
  2. Documentation Integrity. Another important priority is the accuracy of the information that appears in medical records. We work in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. We will do everything possible to ensure that your staff strictly follows the rules and populates documentation according to quality standards;
  3. Revenue Optimization. In order to develop, provide quality services and raise its own level, every organization in the medical field must optimize its financial income. The bServed company will direct its efforts to get rid of all leakages, redirect potential revenues and regularly replenish the budget of the medical organization. We will help to reduce the number of denials and claims. With us, you will get a reliable partner interested in your development and modernization.

The bServed team are reliable allies who pursue the goals of their clients and do everything possible to maximize success. Let's develop together with us and become even better!